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Depression, Lack of Symptoms, and No Sex Drive. Pregnancy Advice?

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I tried for almost a year to get pregnant and just as I was about to get discouraged I found out that I was pregnant I was so happy. I was even more happy when I found out that I am expecting a little girl in September. However, my pregnancy so far has been VERY different from anybody else I know and it confuses me a little. For example, I have had almost no symptoms of pregnancy; no morning sickness, mood swings, sore boobs none of those things. As a matter of fact I wouldn't have taken the pregnancy test had my period not have been a little late. Another thing that I have noticed is I have had severe depression since I was about 13 weeks pregnant, which is crazy because I know I should be overjoyed because I wanted this so bad. I have lost interest in sex almost completely and I don't know why. I feel bad because I feel like somehow neglecting my hubby even though he says he understands and it doesn't bother him. Can anybody help me out? Why am I feeling like this and is it normal?

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It is normal. It may seem like that because your mind was always thinking about baby that now that it is happening, your mind has nothing to worry about. Make sense?
please go see your doctor.  with my first i was dealing with depression.  we figured, i was pregnant, it was normal, it'll all get better once the baby comes.  maybe for some, but i wasn't so lucky.  actually, i got pregnant very quickly after i gave birth and everything pretty much stayed the same, but everyone just said 'oh pregnancy'.  eventually i went to my doctor.  i was dealing with post-partum depression (which can start before you have the baby!)  it's a scary thing (i know, i was there).  but you can get help.  it's easy to get down on yourself, i know i did.  i thought i was a bad mom b/c i wasn't super excited to have a baby.  even once the first two were born they were wonderful, but i wasn't happy.  and i felt bad about not being happy.  but my doctor helped.  letting people around me know helped, b/c then they knew what to do.  don't let it go on.  please.  for such a long time i didn't understand why life was so hard and how people could be happy so easily.  but life can come back.  joy can erupt out of nowhere (really!  i promise!).  so talk to your doctor.  it can make all the difference.
p.s.  i kinda responded just to the depression bit.  the lack of libido is potentially normal.  but depression is NOT. 
My first pregnancy I had endless amounts of energy, I didn't sleep more than 2 hours every night for 9 months, and woke up filled with energy every day even though I had no sleep almost every single night.However with my second pregnancy my daughter sucked my energy dry! I was always so tired, faint, I could barely keep my eyes open during the day and I could never get enough sleep. Even sleeping for 14 hours wasn't enough.You see every pregnancy is different as well as pregnancy's with other women, therefore no mood swings nor sore boobs is a real blessing. I had no morning sickness with either pregancy either. Depression, I wouldn't say I was depressed although I was extremely sensitive with both pregnancy's which I guess could make people depressed sometimes. I would take what AkinaBud said into account, but as far as everything else, it's normal.
Thank you I appreciate it

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