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devolopment question 5 month old an 3 weeks???

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so my baby is 5 months and 3 weeks an she is saying mama already. so i was wondering to help her develop her talking what is the best thing to do?

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4-8 months is the average for babies to say their first word, usually mama or dada (both my boys said dada first around 5 months, no luck with the mama until later!). i would think you can try to have her repeat the word for a week or so and then start a new word until she gets it and go week to week from there.  however, my dr said they usually only say 3-5 words by their 1st birthday.  good luck and congrats on her first word being mama! =) 
my friends baby started saying mama at 4 months and my friend started saying it and trying to make the baby say it and that worked for herhave fun with your baby
The best thing to do with your baby is to talk to her, read her stories, tell her things that you are doing. It's the way that babies learn and delevop. But really there's no need at this point to try to make her learn new words. As ambera17 says they only say 3-5 words by 1. Talking with baby is best, or reading.That's awesome she said mama first. All mine it's been da-da and mama much later.
the easiest and quickest way to build her vocab is simply read to her. it doesn't matter what. i started flash cards with my daughter(18 mos now), at 6 months. numbers, shapes, and sight words. the best time is in the high chair, because you can really get her to focus, and she won't be able to grab and chew. lol. i also took a small dry erase board and wrote simple words like, mommy, daddy, dog, ball, eat, etc. sound out every syllable slowly so she can see how you form the words. then spell it out slowly and repeat the word. if possible relate it to something. when you write mommy, point to yourself, ball-show her a ball. i'm proud to say that my daughter now reads over 25 words. you don't need that my baby can read crap. it's expensive. get creative, or you can buy them at wal-mart for $2 or so. i found them with the crayons, and posterboard. good luck! hope this helps.

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