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diaper rash help!

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My daughter is now 5 1/2 months. Ive never had a problem with her and diaper rash until now. Her bath products and diapers and laundry soap are the same exact thing ive used since she was born. Now for the past 5 days shes had a really bad diaper rash, and today it started to bleed. Ive tried butt paste, and desitin as well as a&d. Ive tried drying the area out and also even leavin her diaper off for a while and nothing is working. Any advice on what remedies i could try or what this can be from?

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Make sure you're using all natural, eco-friendly diapers and creams. I recommend The Honest Company. Their diapers are made without harfmul chemicals and their cleaning products, bath products, etc. are all organic and very gentle. Their healing balm works really well on diaper rash. Since The Honest Company is a mail-order company only, I recommend placing an order today, but also going to Babies R Us to get new diapers (Earth's Best are good) and new diaper cream (Method, Yes to Baby Carrots, and BabyGanics are good brands) for sure, and maybe new fragrance free laundry detergent (BabyGanics). Look for products that aren't tested on animals. Those will made with plant ingredients and no chemicals, which can be irritating.  Beyond that, has she started eating solids yet? If so, she could be having an allergic reaction to something she ate. This could also be the case if she is on formula, or if she's nursing and you ate something that doesn't agree with her.
Oh, also, you can use anti-fungal cream since sometimes an overpopulation of yeast can cause bad diaper rashes. 
My son had a really bad rash on his butt for a while at first i thought it was diaper rash however it would not go away with cream, no diaper etc.Took him to the doctor and it wasnt diaper rash, this was 7 years ago and i cant remember what exactly it was but the Dr. prescribed a cream and the rash quickly went away. Since she had it almost a week i would take her to the Dr.
my daughter dealt with helacious diaper rashes. her worst was about what you are describing. i tried every cream on the wal-mart shelves and they all made it worse. i took her to the dr, and got a prescription cream ointment. it was cleared up within 24 hours. that said, stop using baby wipes until it clears up. use a warm, wet washcloth for a wet diaper, and a little baby oil to clean him/her up after a poopy diaper. it will cut down on the irritaion, and help to soothe the raw area. i would also give a little tylenol for the pain. my daughter screamed bloody murder every time i picked her up, or she tried to sit down. after it clears up, continue to use a little boudreaux's butt paste. they make an all-natural version that comes in a green tube if your an organic freak. i hope this helps
Make sure you should use johnons wipes and after that use nappy rash creams.

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