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Did my water break?

5 answers
So i was told that not every women feels her water break... So at about noon today i woke up from a nap out of no where... My legs were drenched... I dont know if it was my water or just sweat... Mind you i live in Az but i had fans blowing on me... I would just like feed back to know if i should be concerned or not... Im 29 weeks and this is my first kid i dont want to be "that crazy pregnant lady" to my docter... Plus i dont have any family to really help with this... So like i said just wondering...

answers (5)

you could never be the crazy prgnant lady! there is no question that is not worth asking TRUST ME..most likey ur water did not break but  u should g get checked out just in case..dont ignore it just incase
If your water did break, the doctor will be more mad that you didn't go in versus if it didn't and you do go in.
Go and get checked even if it ends up being nothing. You should never take the risk especially at 29 weeks.
Get checked out! Always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your baby. 
stop wasting time posting questions, and call your doctor now!

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