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Did you exercise throughout pregnancy?

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Hi moms, I am currently trying to get preggers with baby #4. I workout semi-regularly. Would like to know what types of workouts you all did while pregnant. Hoping not to gain too much weight, so any healthy food tips will also help.TY

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I went for a run everyday for 30 minutes untill 30 weeks then I walked because it hurt when my stomach would bounce, For breakfast I like to make yogurt sundaes. Just get plain greek yogurt and then put one cup of blueberries  1 cup of diced apples and bananas ect.  Then put a cup of shredded dark chocolate in there and walnuts on top  its healthy and yummy. For lunch foods I would normally eat a salad with chicken.  For dinner I would make alot of stir frys and things like that but make sure it has a low ammount of sodium.
I really didn't exercise with any of my pregnancies. I know it's a good idea to, but I just didn't. With my first I had such terrible morning sickness for almost 6 months and by the time it was done I was too big to walk comfortably, let alone exercise. I did try to do some yoga, but it was difficult since I didn't do it from the beginning. Why my second my pelvis separated a lot early on and it was extremely painful to walk. With my current (third) pregnancy I again had terrbile morning sickness and I have two toddlers to deal with. I get so exhausted that there is just no way I could go out for walks or do any sort of exercise. I'm almost 32 weeks and have only gained about 10 pounds this time (gained 30 with each previous).Just eat a healthy , balanced diet and you'll be fine. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and low fat dairy. Drink lots of water and do your best to avoid soda, candy, junk food, fast food, etc.
For Venture..Do you drink fat free milk or 1%? I read that when ttc it is best to drink whole fat milk, but as I was watching Dr. OZ (fan) he said 2% organic was what he suggests people drink. Do you have any tips for sweet cravings, because it seems that is all I ever crave :(
I prefer organic milk and organic products all the way around. We eat as much organic as possible. I like to go to Trader Joe's because they have great prices, their organic stuff is much cheaper than regular grocery stores. But right now $6 or more for a gallon of milk doesn't fit in out budget so we just make sure the milk comes from hormone free cows. We use whole milk because we don't want multile kinds in our refrigerator at once. It's only 3% milkfat and since I only use it in my cereal or for the occasional glass of chocolate milk I'm not overly concerned about the fat.I hear you on the cravings! That's all I want too. Since I haven't been gaining weight with this pregnancy (not because I'm trying, I eat all the time!) I haven't been too concerned with what I eat, but it's mostly healthy. Fruit is great for curbing cravings. I like to have yogurt with some fruit and granola, graham crackers with peanut butter or Nutella and sliced apples or pears on top. But, I found that giving in to the cravings a little helped stop them. If I walked by Cinnabon I knew I'd think about cinnamon rolls nonstop until I had one, so I'd just go ahead and have one. And then the cravings was gone. Or I'd have a little bit of chocolate and could save the rest of the package in the pantry for next time. Sometimes during pregnancy substitution just makes it worse. So if you can handle sweets in moderation I say go for it. But if you're positive you'd eat a whole pan of brownies, try some healthier options first. You can try organic kids snacks, they're low in calories and sugar and most are pretty yummy. Earth's Best, Annie's, and Revolution Foods make good graham snacks in a variety of flavors (even chocolate) and Late July and Newman's Own are good too. I also like Luna Protein bars in cookie dough. They're organic, have about 12 grams of protein per bar and they taste more like a candy bar than a protein bar.
Thanks Venture. I love peanut butter but never thought about putting it on a graham cracker! Great idea, bet my kiddos would like it too. One last thing.. Do you only drink whole milk when pregnant, or all the time? I always drank fat-free because it was supposed to help me slim down but didnt seem to affect the scale either way. I have heard that whole is better because of the vitamin d absorption and also it helps curb hunger better! Any thoughts?
We've been drinking whole milk since my daughter started drinking cow's milk 2 years ago. I'm not a big milk drinker so the most I usually have is in my cereal. But, when I'm pregnant I seem to crave it so I have more. I don't go in for low-fat or other diet type foods, even when trying to lose weight. I just log my calories to make sure I don't overeat and that's enough for me. I eat as normally as possible, which means that I don't avoid pizza or cake, I just make sure not to have it every day, you know? But the extra calories and fat from whole milk really don't make that much difference.

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