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different formulas

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so my son is 3weeks old. ive been exclusively nursing him & giving him breastmilk in a bottle sometimes . on Thursday i started giving him simulac he took it fine but i want to give him a different formula. is that ok? or should i stick to simulac since i gave him that one first? . im still going to nurse him as well

answers (4)

why give him formula if you are wanting to breastfeed exculsively? the only reason to give him formula would be if you are not producing enough milk to supply him with, etc. similac is a good formula, and you really need to stick with one if possible. enfamil premium lipil or their newborn formula is about the same as similac advance.
Are you wanting to continue breastfeeding or are you wanting to stop? If you're wanting to transition him to formula I suggest using an organic formula like Earth's Best. The other brands all use gentically engineered ingredients and there has been no long term testing on the effects that genetically engineered products have.
If your going to give him formula I think you should stick with the one you have been giving him, It's not good to switch constantly. I breastfed my daughter but with my son I wasn't producing enough, so I gave him organic similac advance and he seemed to like it very well.
the only reason to switch formulas is if your baby is not tolerating the current one.

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