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difficulites with teacher

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I have difficulty with my son’s class teacher right now, and wonder if anyone could give me some opinion? I am trying to describe the situation as neutral as possible. My son is five years old, when he went for the admission interview, the teacher( who turned to be his class teacher right now) rejected him, however, he got the accepted on the second interview by a different teacher. in the first P/T meeting, the teacher described him as an unqualified child in the classroom, he could not adjust to the environment, not sociable, unable to follow the rules, and unable to complete some class works, etc. Recently, she called me during the class time, saying that my son was sneezing a lot in the class and was unable to clean his nose properly, therefore, we would need to take him back home. I admitted that as a 5 year old boy, he is a bit clumsy to take care of himself. We have been trying to teach him how to blow his nose, but he just couldn’t do it well. Eventually, I could talk to the teacher on the phone about this problem, but the entire conversation became one said talk. All she repeated on the phone was how unhygienic my son was and that could get other kids sick, and how no good he was in cleaning himself. The only question I could manage to ask her was :was my son the only one in the classroom who could not clean himself?, the answer was yes. And she said that he can’t go back to school until he got the habit, because otherwise that will bring her more trouble (or say, add more work)in the class. I explained that we are trying hard to get him the habit, but that will take time, at least not one day job. But all I got back on the phone was again, how dirty he was. It sounds frustrating, because I was trying to speak softly with the teacher, just not to get things worse, but all I get back was complaint about my son. I know he is not perfect, but he is not all that bad as teacher described. and we are trying to work with the teacher’s needs, but seems no recognition. What would you think, am I over-sensitive

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It's possible that he really isn't ready for school. Or, it's possible that this woman is just awful. Either way, it sound like you need to meet with the school principal, both alone and with the teacher. Having a third party involved will allow for better communication between you and the teacher, and may help resolve things. If not, try seeing if your son can switch to another teacher.

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