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Divorced dad how to deal with 5 year old separation anxiety

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My ex and I have been divorced for 5 years. We separated a few months after our daughter was born. I remarried last year and now have a 6 month old daughter with my new wife and have three step kids (two boys that are 19 and 16 and one girl who is 14). My five year old has always had a great relationship with all of the kids. She even calls my new wife mom. I have My daughter with me every Wednesday overnight and every other weekend as well. Over the last two weekends I have her she is one and we have a great time. When she is going to sleep on Sunday night she tells me that she wants her mommy. When I tell her we will go there first thing in the morning she holds me right and still says she wants her mommy. I sit and read a book to her but nothing makes it better. She doesn't want me to leave her side. As soon as I do leave her side she falls asleep in a matter of minutes. When she wakes up everything is okay. What, if anything, should I do?

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