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Do I have a good chance of being PREGNANT?

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My last normal period was in April 5 - 10, 2013 (its always 5 nights long) then in May it was May 9 - 12, 2013 only 3 nights long then about 5 days later I was bleeding again for only 1 night. I took a home pregnancy test it was "Negative". I didn't have a period at all this month until today June 28, 2013 and it was way lighter then it normally is and I was cramping and I never have cramps while on my period or when about to have it. I went to the hospital 3 days ago before starting the bleeding (period) today, for a pregnancy test and the nurse wouldn't let me tell her things I wanted to tell her and we were like only there for 5 mins and she said it was "Negative". Also been having unprotected sex for about a month and half because we been hoping for a baby. And as I was reading a few things online today I been having all these signs I read online (Off the 19 early signs of Pregnancy): .Shortness of breath while going upstairs .Sore Breast (Mostly bigger) .Going to sleep faster than normally do .Nausea (Never had that till yesterday) .Frequent Urination (Been going pee alot at night when I go to bed) .Lower backaches .Cramping .Craving for foods and sweets .Bloating .Mood changes .Spotting .Late Period It just does not feel like it is "Negative" . Chance of being pregnant? Thank you!

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if the nurse only did a regular pregnancy test you should see your doctor for a blood test. It's possible that you could be pregnant and just have a low level of hcg (pregnancy hormone). It's also possible that you are not pregnant and are experiencing symptoms because of fluctuations in your hormones (from stress or a variety of other issues) or, they could blue the caused by your mind because you are wanting to be pregnant. But, only a doctor can tell you what is going on.
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