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Do I have something to worry about? ... This is so embarrasing ..

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Hello, so I'm Danielle, also 14 years old, and well today is Wensday I'm writing this, and last Friday me and my boyfriend lost our virginitys to each other. I'm not going to lie, I think i regret it. I'm so young! -and he seems to pressure me about it alot.. Anyway, we had protected sex with a condom. But later, we wanted to again, but he didn't have another one, so he kind of just like rubbed his stuff by mine, and like sticked it in, not all the way, just a little, but like multiple times. Now, I know he didnt like ... jizz..or whatever. But I've heard on Google, girls getting pregnant from precum? Ive looked up other girls worried about this, and some people comment saying, 'IM GOING TO FEEL BAD FOR YOU IF YOU GET PREGNANT, CAUSE YOUR GONNA', and some people say, cum isnt the same as precum, because precum doesn't have semen or something like that. Anyway, Ive been SO terrified, and have had this horrible gut wrenching feeling thinking about me getting pregnant. My question is though, do you think I could get pregnant from this.. I cannot imagine the thought of me having a baby. I have so many things I want to do in my life.. And this experience has been horrible. Anyway, should I be worried? Or, am I just paranoid since its my first time. Please help! <:o

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It is possible to get pregnant from pre-ejaculate because sperm is present in the fluid. It's too late for you to use the "morning after pill", whichat your age would require a prescription for anyway. You'll have to wait to see if you get your next period. If it's late you should take a pregnancy test.Even with birth control it's possible to get pregnant. (I was conceived while my mom was on the pill. My first baby was conceived while I was on the pill. And yes, we both took them properly!) I hope that you learned from this experience and decide to wait to have sex until you're mature enough to deal with the possibility of having a baby.
well you guy's should have known better because you guy's are both very young to have a baby! there's a lot of stress,energy,time & your life will change if you are pregnant (not tryna be mean becasue im 16 and i just recently had my son he's now almost 7 week's old) i don't regret it at all because no baby is a mistake!! if you don't get your period next month than it's best if you take a pregnancie test than & i also had proteced sex when i was with my baby's dad but that one time that we didn't do it with a condum that's when i got pregnant(: but, it's best to learn now & wait til you feel your ready and mature for the consequenses that lie ahead, also, as for you saying that he pressure's you???? first of all that isn't a good boyfriend why can't he just wait until your ready for it.? you shouldn't be with someone like that because if you are pregnant how do you know that he's gonna step up too what you guy's have created.? honestly move on yah it's gonna be hard but there's alot of fish in the sea believe me(: don't be with a guy because you think he'll stay with you forever if you do what he want's no sweety your too young to be even going thru being pressured(:!!! well anyway's i hope you learned from this im here for you if you ever need anyone to talk to!!(:
Clearly you ought to have known what could and/or would have happened prior to even doing anything.  You are extremely young and are obviously not ready to raise a little one.  14 is so very young.... I’m 24 and it’s even a struggle for me. For your sake I hope you’re not, but of course if you don’t get your scheduled period, you need to take a pregnancy test and visit a doctor as soon as possible. Your body is still developing and you will need that prenatal care for yourself and the baby. And about your boyfriend, you should not be with a person that treats you like that hunny. You are very young and have a lot going for you. Don’t waste your time on someone that isn’t great to you, especially if you bring a child into this world.  Anyhow, I’m sure you have learned something from this experience... If you ever need anything, feel free to talk to me. Good luck hun!
It's possible to get pregnant by him Pre-ejaculating, So if your period is late you should take a pregnancy test. I'm not going to judge,It's not my place to, But honestly being a parent is the hardest thing I have ever done and your way to young to have to go through that.
Listen Darlin! Everybody is right about the precum and if you miss your period take a test! Im 19 years old and pregnant I wanted a baby so bad!! I have been on my own for 2 1/2 years now! But even the women who want babies that have an AMAZING man it still puts stress on you because you think about all the things that can go wrong with ANYTHING! by no means am I judgeing you because I was young and about your age and had a scare but I had parents that didnt care about me either that never talked to me about it! but soon as I had that one scare everything changed I knew that God had his hand on me and that was my second chance to do the right thing! BABYGIRL PUT ON YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES! as much as you like that boy take it from all of us that are either pregnant or have had a yourself have inoccent fun and get rid of a BOY that is going to pressure you!

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