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do i stay or do i go?!

2 answers
ok so i know im hormonal and all, but daddy and i were only together a month before i got prego, we've lived together for 2 and things just havent been as great as i pictured.. i need some advice from those single mothers.. if i think i want to leave do i do it pre or post baby? do i stick around to see if things change or get out while i can? its nothing physical, just dont know if baby will make things worse?!

answers (2)

Get out now if you think you want to. If you wait till after the baby is born it will be much more difficult. Do you have family or friends you could lean on for some help? Baby itself will not make things worse, but the stress of new parenthood certainly could.And remember - you can always go back to him if things change for the better.Good luck :)
If you're wondering about it now its best to just leave. I was with my first daughter's father for a few months before I got pregnant. I stayed and it was a bad decision. If you're having problems, leave before the baby comes. It'll cause more problems if you stay.

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