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Do you have ideas for an ultmimate kids birthday party? Help needed!

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I am starting to think about planning my daughters 5th and sons 7th birthday parties and could use some help with BIG and FUN ideas. What would you do for your kiddos birthday party if money was not an object? I really want to create an ultimate birthday experience for them this year. Thanks!

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First thing I'd do is ask them what they want to do.Just knowing the childs age doesn't really provide any insight to what they may like, or dislike.They may have some great ideas!
And, I remember when I was little I always wanted one of those Barbie cakes. The ones where the skirt is the cake. But I never told my mom, because I was sure she'd say no. So of course I never got one, because nobody even knew I wanted one.I recently told my mom how I always wanted one, and she looked at me like I was crazy, and said "Why would you think I wouldn't make you a cake like that? Its not even like it would have been difficult" So... I say, ask your kids!
Ask them first, but here are my ideas:1. Get a bunch of round balloons and use helium to get them in the air. Tie them in an arch and line the walkway.2. Use a long table as the birthday table.3. Put the gifts in large bins.4. Put ice cream and jello in the cake filling.5. Use sheets to make an outdoor tent.6. Take pictures of your kids and their friends, blow them up, and hang them around.7. There are tons of ideas online for games.
Do a treasure hunt and send the kids all over finding different clues with the last clue where they find a treasure chest filled with treat bags for each child.  Also buy a bag of quikrete (concrete mix in a bag) and mix it up in a bucket and buy foil baking pans (from the dollar store) and pour concrete in a pan (sprayed with non-stick cooking spray) and then have each child place their hand or foot to make a cast of their hand or foot with their name & date on it.  Makes a perfect stepping stone to place in your flower bed or garden or walkway and a memory of the day.  Guest children can take their's home for their own memory of the day.  The Barbie cake is really easy to make.  Take an 8-cup glass measuring cup and fill 2/3 of the way with cake mix and bake according to pkg instructions.  Tip upside down on cake platter.  Push naked Barbie down through cake so she is waist deep.  Then decorate like a dress including frosting on her top as the top of the dress.  Or you can use a regular one or two cup measuring cup and use smaller dolls and each guest can have their own individual cake.

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