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Do you show sooner in each pregnancy?? How much sooner??

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We just found out that we are expecting our 3rd child. We are only 5-6 weeks along right now.. My question is that I have heard that you show sooner with each child has anyone found this to be true? And if so how much sooner? I am trying to figure out when I should start shopping for maternity clothes and planning ahead. I know with our second child I did start showing a little sooner.. Thanks for any experiences that you can tell me about out there. This is the 3rd baby in 3 years, and my last! lol but I have never been pregnant really over the winter months so I will be needing to buy lots of new maternity clothes to get through this pregnancy =)

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I'm 24 weeks into my third pregnancy, also in three years! With my second I felt like I started showing earlier than with my first, but I can't be sure because a lot of people said I looked like I'd lost weight. With this pregnancy it took 19 weeks before I started showing. I know with my first I was showing around 8-9 weeks. But this time everything just held itself in until I literally popped overnight. I gained 4 pounds in one week because of it! So while most people start showing a few weeks earlier each time, it just depends on the woman and the pregnancy. Each time is different so there's no way to tell how things will go.

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