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Do you think he will crawl again?

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So this is not too much of a question and I plan to talk to the doctor about it but just been thinking and wondering. There is also a long story to along with it. A week ago Thursday my 7 month old son's booster seat and chair tipped over. He was strapped in and it was secured to the chair. His sister who is 2.5 years was standing next to him last I saw and he was reaching over to her, not sure if she pulled him. I picked him up and he stopped crying really quickly. He would use his right arm but not all the way(would not crawl) so I went straight to the dr (they have walk in hours in the morning and this happened at breakfast) so the dr checks him out. He is using his arm to play with my keys and he is not acting like he is in a ton of pain. So she says go home and if he wont crawl by afternoon we will do x-rays. Well he would not crawl and we went got x-rays and he had a torus fracture of his radius. So basically his bone buckled that is in his wrist. The next day we went to the orthopedic doctor and he said it was small and not much they could do and a cast would not help. He said give him motrin for a week and see how he is after that. He said if he wants to crawl on it that is fine and he will not do anything that hurts. Well my son had only been crawling since the Saturday before so it was a new skill. He quickly learned to do a modified butt scoot using just his left hand. He get around really well this way and it is actually the way my friends son moved when he was a baby instead of crawling. So after all this do you think I should ever expect him to go back to crawling? He also can no longer pull to a stand but I know it has been just over a week and the orthopedist said that in 2 weeks he should be back to normal so he needs more time. I plan to call the doctor to just talk about what I should expect, would wait for his 9 month appointment but that is over a month away and just feels like too long.

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Well first, I'm glad he's ok! Second, I'm surprised the ortho didn't give a cads or a brace. The radius is one of the two bones in the forearm, even if it had a small fracture at the wrist it still seems like keeping it immobile would be best. But, that's just my two cents.As far as crawling goes, you'll just have to wait and see. I'm sure you already know this, but plenty of kids never crawl at all. Crawling isn't a very important milestone because there's no standard way that all kids do it, if they do it at all. At this point, there's still a few months before your son will start to walk on his own, so his scooting may turn back into crawling, or it might not. It will mainly depend on how well he feels he's getting around and how much his wrist hurts.Don't be surprised if his wrist causes him some pain throughout his life. Both my mom and my husband broke their wrists at different times in childhood and now as adults they still have pain.
I was surprised also he did not get a cast. But the doctor said it would be more of a pain then any help for a baby his age. He is a big baby 21lbs and almost 30 inches so I thought with his weight it would be good. But the ortho said if it hurts he wont use it. He said babies are smarter then adults when something hurts they do not use it. He gets around great and loves being mobil and I know that not all babies crawl. I just feel bad he got hurt. My daughter used that booster on that chair for almost 2 years and never had an issue. She used to even climb up the side of it to get in. We moved the booster to a different style chair that is not as easy to tip.I broke my left radius and ulna when I was in first grade then I broke my left wrist when I was a freshman in high school. I am lucky and it does not really bother me. My injuries from later in high school hurt more. I am accident prone and I think my son is following in my foot steps.
I'm happy he is okay, I really don't think it could stop him from crawling,walking ect.  The only reason it would even temporarily make him stop is because it hurts, I wouldn't worry unless its been 2 weeks and hes still not crawling..

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