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Do you think I am pregnant?

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I am 19. I have been nauseous for a little over 3 weeks now. I am almost 3 weeks late. I have taken a 2 pregnancy test in those 3 weeks and they came out negative. I am usually safe when it comes to sex because i got pregnant when i was 15 and he was stillborn at 5.5 months. How ever I was raped right after my last period. My next doctors appointment isn't for another month, and being the test have come out negative I don't know what to think. And also I was taking vyvance but after I realized I was late I quit taking it and also found nothing out online or from my doctor whether or not it will make you late. So can some one give me their idea about what they think?

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Stress can cause you to miss your period and also to be sick however since you were raped I would definitely go see a doctor immediately to get tested for pregnancy and STD's
So sorry about you situation!!! Even though you took two test  I would go in and see a doctor right away for a pregnancy test and for a STD test if you havent already.  Home pregnancy test could be wrong.  Again so sorry about what happened to you!! Sorry if i sound to forward but i hope you have someone to talk to about what happened and your sistuation!!  I wish you luck!!
you should go to the doctor
i hope you went to the er to have a rape kit perfomed on you. as well as an std test. im so sorry to hear this happened to you. no woman should ever have to experience something so horriffic. talk to your doc, and take another test.

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