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Doctor has confused me but now I am just worried.

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I am 36 weeks and went to the doctor yesterday, she said she wasn't gunna bother checking my cervix til next week. Then she checked babys heartbeat and went on to measure my belly but said she was measuring further down than she should have so my guess was that the baby had dropped which I had been wondering about beacause my breathing has been easier and bathroom trips ALOT more frequent. She said she wanted me to do an ultrasound next week, but after all that you think she would check my cervix in case she had already dropped. I guess im just nervous, she didn't really expliain her reasoning to me or anything and maybe I should have shared my worries with her.

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Maybe she wants to check the level of your amniotic fluid. With my second pregnancy I was in the office 2x a week to check the levels and although one day she said they were low, the next they were fine. I wouldnt worry to much but in my case I should have sought care from another provider.
Some doctors like to do an ultra sounds close to the end to be sure the babys head is down.  I wouldnt worry yet and ask next week why they are doing the ultra sound.  Also enjoy the ultra sounds bc I had one at 37 weeks and it was so neat to see m baby and what he was going to look like!!
They were probably checking to see how much amniotic fluid was there. My doctor checked mine in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. She said one week that the fluid was low and that scared me SOOO bad, but she had me drink so much water I thought I might drown and the next week, the levels were very high. If there had been something to worry about I'm sure she would have let you know. I was the same way though, you can't help but be nervous about your little one. Good luck! 
Your baby has probably dropped, but that doesn't necessarily  mean your cervix has had any changes yet. I've had a different doctor for each of my three pregnancies and they've all been different. My first started checking my cervix around 35 weeks, my second never checked, and I'm only 30.5 weeks into my third, so that hasn't come up yet. But, while it's nice to know if your cervix is thinning or dilating, it really doesn't matter and it's not the greatest indication of when labor will start. Cervical checks are, in my experience, quite uncomfortable and plenty of women have been dilated to 3 or 4cm for weeks before they actually go into labor. So don't worry that your doctor didn't check this week.As far as the ultrasound goes, there are multiple reasons to get one late in pregnancy. As the other ladies have mentioned, the most common reasons are to check your fluid levels and to check the baby's position. Both are routine and again, there's nothing to worry about. If your doctor had some sort of concern he or she would have mentioned it to you.
Thanks ladies, thats kinda what my mom said so ill just wait and see next week. I am very excited to see my baby girl again :) and daddy is excited to double check if its a boy lol. I thought about it and if she wasn't worried then why should I be, im sure everything is fine.
Hi This happened to me with my first but back then I was a little mean so I told her to tell me or else, She said the reason she didnt check was the baby moves into places makeing it seem to have dropped. I made her check it anyways and everything was just fine
Im just not gunna stress about it, that will make things worse, I go back in a couple days.
I chose not to have them check my cervix because they say it can tell you something or nothing and you really do not know. I know lots of women that have been 3 cm for weeks and ended up needing to be induced. With my daughter when my water broke at 38 weeks they did an ultra sound to comfirm she was head down in the delivery room because she was positioned wierd they could not really tell.

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