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Doctor says I should go to ER, but I don't feel I should

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I went to my OB today and I told her about my sharp pains. She does believe the egg is in the tube, but can't confirm until after bloodwork to do an ultrasound. She said if I have shape pains to go to the ER, I just I don't want to go when the pain only last 1-3 mins and then it's gone... Im just confused on if I should hold out, or go when the pain comes back...

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I'm not sure why an ultrasound wasn't already ordered. An ectopic pregnancy is very serious. If that is suspected there's no reason to wait on an ultrasound. But, sharp pain in that area could also mean an ovarian cyst, or other things. If you do have sharp pain that lasts longer than just a couple of minutes, you need to go to the ER immediately.
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