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Does any one else's spouse have sympathetic pregnancy?

3 answers
My husband seems to become pregnant along with me. This is my second pregnancy and so far this has happened for both. He starts to get a baby belly, he will get cravings, hormonal and moody, along with tired achy feet and back. I think it is actually very adorable, but he would feel better knowing he is not the only "pregnant man" out there.

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Nope. My husband is always pretty normal during my pregnancies. I don't think I could handle him if he were all hormonal!
Ok so my boyfriend is currently out of work at this moment I work but its a desk job! I have had no symptoms at all!! the other day I came home form work and got home about 5:30 and he was in the bed I asked what was wrong he said I have a headache and just threw up! I couldnt help but laugh cuz he never gets sick! He isnt to emotional right now but symptoms O'YEA!! Its crazy but hey atleast I know my baby is healthy and im not the one going through the symptoms! lol
I just found out I'm pregnant, but my husband has already had enhanced smell (the other day he claimed to be surrounded by the smell of chocolate chip cookies and ended up with a serious craving), he's been sleeping extra hours and the last time I was pregnant he had some of my morning sickness. Even some of my family members have had sympathetic pregnancy symptoms this early so it's absolutely not unheard of (not ones that live near me either).

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