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does anyone body temp rise at night to the point it may wake you up?

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I am roughly 8-9 weeks pregnant and have noticed that since about week 4 at night(usually between 6-8pm) my body heats up, especially my stomach. Last night at 4am, I woke up because I was so warm. I drink cold water and grabbed an Ice pack to help cool me down. It didn't last long, I cooled down within 15/20 min and fell back asleep again. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if its normal. Also if anyone knows what is physically causing it (ie- the baby growing, or being more active.)

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I get very hot while I sleep, and sometimes it does wake me up. I try to sleep with only a sheet and I make sure the air conditioning is on during the night. What usually wakes me up is needing to pee or intense heartburn.

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