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Does anyone know of a class for toddlers on teaching about strangers?

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Not sure if anyone will see this, but I have a question. Does anyone know of a class or something along those lines for toddlers teaching them about strangers and things of such nature in the Jacksonville Fl area? We are new to the area and our 4 year old finds just way too much security in people she does not know. She believes that just because it is a neighbor or someone she sees more than once that she knows them and they are not of any possible harm to her. We have a neighbor she goes to next door to swim and play with, I am outside any time she is over there and can see and hear her from my home, but today they went inside to play and the mother changed my daughter out of her swimming wear. What bothered me the most of this was how easily ok my daughter was with allowing someone she barely knows to change her and see her nude. My husband and I have talked to her about this repeatedly before this happened about who is and is not allowed to see her privates. My daughter's answer to this was it was ok because she knew her, when really she does not know her that well. I don't want to teach my child to be terrified of people, but we all know how too easy it is for some sick perve to take advantage of our innocent children. Anyone who knows of a class on strangers or anything please feel free to inbox me or reply to this post. Even a good movie recommendation would be helpful. I love that she has a huge loving, trusting heart, but in todays world it is so sad that those kind of children/people are the ones that are prayed on.

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