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Does anyone know where I can get a potty with a tray?

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I have checked everywhere, walmart, babies r us, target. Everywhere! I can't find a potty that has a tray. Please if anyone knows where to find one that would be great.

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Never heard of any with a tray, but my son liked to "read his magazines" while on the potty and I used a little table next to it for him to put things on.  Maybe you have a short table or a tall step stool you can use instead?  good luck! It is a car seat tray but it will work for potties too!
Why would you want that?
cookiemomsta... i want a potty with a tray so i can put my daughter in it and have her not be able to get up. If she sits there she will eventually go to the bathroom on it. then i will take her off. that way she will learn that this is where she goes, not in a diaper or panties.
a potty with a tray? do you plan on serving meals while your child is sitting on the potty?
never heard of a potty with a tray....I don't quite understand why you would need a tray?
if you cant get her to stay on the potty, that's her way of telling you she's not ready to train. you don't need a potty with a tray. that's just stupid.
to pinkpaisley8709.. I train my children to use the potty when I feel they are ready. I'm not waiting until they are 3 or 4 and tell me that they just went in their diaper. That's just stupid. You train them when they are younger that way they will learn to use the potty. You need to keep your comments to yourself.
you post questions on this site in hopes of people responding to them. therefore, you may end up getting some feedback that you may not agree with. i have nothing against potty training at an early age. my daughter is 20 months old, and i have been training her for over a month now. and it's going very well, by the way. i really don't give a damn whether you agree with my comments or not.
yes i did post a question hoping that someone could tell me where to find a potty with a tray, thats it. i do not want or need advice from anyone especially you.


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