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Does It Hurt The Baby..?

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so me and my family just moved into a new apartment and i helped but not as much..,and so i dont have a bed at the moment because my dad thru my old one out and i sleep on the floor my dad and step-mom dont let me sleep on the couch..! so my room floor is my new bed for a while,,.so in the night i'll wake up in pain because my back is killing me!!!! i even cry!! also my belly hurt's as weell to and sometimes ill find myself sleeping on my beelly!!!! and ill walk up terriofied that i hurt my son so i wait for him 2 kick and when he doesn't i cry cause i feel like i hurt him..?! do i what should i do i have pillow's all kind's of them but nothing work's..? i don't wanna hurt my son what can i do.? && also, boyfriend && me fight alot sometime's and he act's so childish like he'll tell me who's baby is it cause it ain't mine!! && that hurt's my feeling's so much! because i lost my virginity 2 him!! && it make's me mad!! he won't even go to any!! doctor app. with me because he's with his ''friends'' &&it irratate's me because i tell him your son is important you know! and he goes yah what about it!..:(..? he does'nt even wanna work anymore and our son is coming very soon!! anyy advice.?

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sleeping on the floor wont hurt the baby...I can't imagine it's too comfy for you etc but it wont hurt. sounds like you need to ditch the father and move on. if he doesn't want to take responsibility for his child there isn't much you can do to make him (except leave and go to court for child support).find a source of income and put some money aside to buy you a bed. if you don't even have a bed where is this baby going to sleep when he comes?
Do your parents know that you're pregnant? If they do, they should not be treating you this way. And if they don't, you should probably tell them soon before you actually go into labor.Sleeping on the floor won't hurt your baby, but rolling onto your stomach might, especially if it's on a hard surface. You and your boyfriend are young, so it's understandable that he's having a hard time dealing with the idea of becoming a father. A lot of men, regardless of their age freak out about having a baby. There's a saying that goes, "A woman becomes a mother as soon as she gest pregnant, a man becomes a father as soon as he holds his baby". Sometimes the idea of having a baby is too abstract and men just don't get it. Other times the idea is so scary that they act out in inappropriate ways. Whether he likes it or not, he is this baby's father. If he doesn't want to be a part of his son's life that is his decision. If he doesn't want to take responsibility for his child you can take him to court to get child support, but that could leave him open to criminal charges since you are under age. And that is something he needs to understand and think about.
It sounds as if you are in a tough situation. You need to make your and your baby's health and wellbeing your priority. Your parents should know that you are pregnant and help with at least basic safety and comfort, since you are clearly young and are going to need help caring for the baby, especially if you plan on continuing in school -- which you need to do to care for your child in the long run. In regard to your boyfriend he may come around when he sees the baby, but he may not. You don't want someone to "stay with you" because he is afraid of criminal charges -- not a healthy start. You don't say how long you have been together, but it sounds as if you might still be looking for a good relationship. Cherish yourself and your baby and get an education so you can care for and set a good example for your child Good luck!
cresteds-Ok && I Do wanna leave my baby's dad but i never had a dad my dad's barely in my life now! he's alway's been in and out of jail,prison, can honestly say my ''dad's home was prison''...& as for my boyfriend he never had a dad as well his dad was abuisve! & as 4 were the baby will sleeep i have a baby vasent & a crib......-VforVenture-& yes they do know &  i know everynight i get scared because i don't want nothing to happen you know! and i tell my dad ''dad can i sleep on the couch'' & he say's no because i'll break it! it make's me mad you know!..yes,..we are young & he has 2 girl's already so i think he's used to it! it just make's me mad i tell him i have an app. u wannt 2 go & he say's '' can just show me the ultrasound k'' and he gives me a kiss and walks away!!!:'''((..& yeah true but i told him if we don't work out at least be here 4 your son! & he said he the begginning of our relationship it was perfect!! he asked me 2 marry him..i meet his family all of his family love's me! and he wanted a family he had a job,car, everything..but then he went back 2 his old way's with his friends!..katsmom-yes i am and i wish i wasn't because you know i don't need 2 be stressing my due date's jan.13th i could have my son sooner.,& i know but they don't wan't to my sister had a baby at 16..she's now 18..they did everything 4 her!! & her baby's father was 32!! which makes me mad 2 know that i can take care of my baby you know and she couldn't!& as 4 school im a junior all i need is my senior year and im done:) & i go to a school that's like a continue ashion school which help's with credit's so im ok with school im already in my senior credits so i graduate next may or june:)..& i am i wanna go 2 college 4 either hair,nail's,etc or for a teacher for speacil neeed's kid's:)
I don't think so, anyway you should visit a specialist frankreich

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