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Does the nausea and headaches STOP?!

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So im definitely preggers ! While its exciting and nervewracking i find it hard to focus because all i can focus on are these headaches and constant nausea. Any tips? I refuse to take any meds, im super organic

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aww congrats!(: and yes is it very exciting and worth everything you go thru!(: i just had my son he gonna be a month already! and try drinking orange jucie and water with some crackers! thats what i did(:
You should talk to your doctor about the headaches. They can be a sign of problems. The nausea should go away eventually, but it all depends on your hormones. Try sucing on ginger candy or lemon drops, sipping water or ginger ale, eat crackers or toast. Make sure you take your prenatal vitamins with food.
I had really bad headaches and nausea for a long time too.  I drank a lot of ginger ale and a LOT of water helped.  Also getting a good nights sleep seemed to help.  It got better the farther along I got, but they both didn't completely go away until about 19 weeks.

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