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Donating breast milk???

2 answers
I am not an over producer, but my baby wont take a bottle. She chews not sucks. On average she take 4-6 ounces per day of milk while at daycare and then eats solids, but I am pumping 12-20 ounces per day at work. My freezer is full and so in freezers at day care. As anyone ever donated before?

answers (2)

That's the opposite of my baby! She'll take a bottle but would never nurse properly. She'd chew on my nipple and then spit it out. It took her 24 hours before she figured out a bottle.I haven't donated before but looked into it. I've been pumping for my daughter and quickly started overproducing. My freezer filled up fast. Ultimately, we got a second freezer. We'll need it anyway since my husband plans on going hunting and/or getting a bunch of meat from his dad, who goes hunting a lot. But if you're wanting to donate your milk you can go to for information.
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