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Don't know what I'm doing!!!

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I have a wonderful, bright six year old little boy who,until recently, has made friends easily, loved learning, loved me, and had great self confidence. Then first grade started and everything has gone downhill since. Now he loves farts and butts (typical first grade behavior, I know) but the troubling thing for me is that he doesn't like praise or recognition of his accomplishments. He doesn't believe that he is smart. He doesn't think that he has a lot of friends. Most troubling is this... Last night I found a book that he wrote yesterday. It was entitled "Dummy" and within the four pages or so, the text included: "Go home. You have no friends here." "Idiot!!" ...and the last page simply said "I hate you!" When I found this, first I cried because I don't know who this is directed at. I don't know if someone said those things to my son or if he has those feelings towards someone else. I questioned him and all I got was that it was because he doesn't like a cartoon that ,y two year old loves. He said the book was directed at that main character but I'm not buying it. My husband badgered him and got the same explanation. I don't believe that badgering is the way to go here and I know that my son will say whatever he thinks won't get him in trouble. Please tell me if there are books out there to help with these issues and let me know if anyone has run into a situation like this. We are a loving family of four. We don't say I hate you to each other or call each other idiots. I do hate that the outside world is influencing my son and that I cannot be tout there with him like I was just two years ago. I want to protect him and help him but I also know that he needs to figure those things out for himself. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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