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Dreaming of being pregnant?

4 answers
For about a month now, i have been dreaming that im pregnant. My twins are four months old but they were born 2 months early. Do you think it's because i didn't get to finish the pregnancy with the twins? What do these dreams mean?

answers (4)

It might be because you didn't get to finsih your pregnancy, but it also "could" be that your mind is trying to tell you your pregnant, you never know. Maybe you should take a test, it won't hurt to see...
Dreams happen for all sorts of reasons. Generally, there isn't any significant meaning behind them. If there were, I wouldn't dream about my husband telling me to take cooking classes to learn how to cook meat better, or wouldn't dream about going to the grocery store...
I had a dream that I was pregnant and the only people in that dream were my boyfriend, cousin and myself. My cousin and I were holding a "It's a boy!" balloon. I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. My cousin also told me she was pregnant. Unfortunately she miscarried but I am almost 10 weeks. If you know you've taken steps to prevent another pregnancy or you haven't even had intercourse then you have nothing to worry about. 
Maybe you should visit a specialist, for sure is something mental. frankreich elba 

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