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due date change after ultrasound?

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Had last period Sept. 2nd then spotting 2 weeks later( presumably due to conception) so should be 14 weeks pregnant but ultrasound measures 11 weeks. Is baby small or am I really only 11 weeks. I knew I wa pregnant just by feeling by mid October if that helps. This is 4 the pregnancy first time dates vary by so much, causing me to worry

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An ultrasound done during the first 12 weeks is the best way to estimate your due date. At that point, unless there is a problem, all babies grow at the same rate, which is why it's the best judge of your baby's age. Later on in pregnancy, a number of different things can cause variations in a baby's size, so it's not really possible to judge age by ultrasound. When I was pregnant with my second baby, I had a threatened miscarriage at what we thought was 10 weeks. But, after the ultrasound, we found out that I was only 7 weeks. Using your period/menstrual cycle as a guide isn't always the best way to detemine how far along you are. Crazy things can happen. Like for me, I ovuated about a week later than normal during my last cycle, and when my expected period was a couple of days late, we got surprised.So, go with the new due date. I know how frustrating it can be to find out you're not as far along as you thought/hoped. But really, it's better to find out now than to worry that there is something wrong later when your baby isn't as big as it should be, or to have to be induced because you pass your due date. 
If the ultrasound Tec says your 11weeks then that's how far you are.I thought I was almost 10weeks by when I believed I got pregnant they did my ultrasound & I was only 6weeks&5days due July 31st, I got pregnant Oct 27 you said around mid October you felt pregnant you probably already were, this is my second baby so I'm pretty familiar with obs & stuff they add on 2weeks befor your pregnant too also if your baby wasn't healthy or was too small they can tel  and they would tell you I'm guessing this is your first by the way your worried lol I was too my first, honestly if your really worried and feel like something wrong call your doctor if you need to they will see you to reinsure you just call & ask there's NEVER too many questions if your guts telling you something about your baby don't be nervous get your doctor on the phone ans ask away (: 

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