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due dates

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I'm 8 mo prego or so my doc says but everytime I go to the doctor they change my due date?!? I'm kinda worried they say the baby is fine and growing accordingly but I smoke and it says that can cause low birth weight and premature delivery so my question is do u think that they could be wrong about my due date because of my smoking and the baby is just small? it started I was due april 18 and gradually they have changed it by a couple days at a time and now I just went this week and now they are saying may 2?

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You should ask your doctor. Tell them you smoke and that you are worried since they keep changing your date. Smoking does cause a lower birth weight but I'm not sure if that would be why your date keeps changing. 
Doctors will often use the fundal height measurement to adjust your due date. The baby's growth is judged by measuring from your pubic bone to the top of your uterus. The number in centimeters is supposed to correspond to the gestational age in weeks, plus or minus two weeks. For example, if you're 32 weeks pregnant your fundal height should measure 28-34 weeks to be considered normal. If you are measuring on the small end your doctor may be pushing back you due date. As far as smoking goes, you need to stop for your baby's health and your own. At least one study has shown that smoking while pregnant is worse for a baby than cocaine use while pregnant. Continued exposure to second hand smoke after birth can cause developmental delays and neurological problems. It can also cause cancer for both of you. You absolutely have to stop smoking. It isn't fair to your child.

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