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early bday preschooler

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My sons bday is Oct 21...he stared at his current daycare center when he was 1. He was in nursery last year and I got approached by owner if I was sending him to kindergarten and at 3 yrs old bc hes a normal kid and I said I was planning to and she advised against it. Needless to say I really had no reference and had public school come In to evaluate him and they came back with him being very smart but very immature (aren't all 4 yr old boys?!) Daycare owner insisted he repeat nursery which I wasn't 100% on board with but went along with it bc professionals said there was no harm in holding him back. I recently decided to register him for kindergarten and demanded he be put into preschool class and was told no they could only put him in a few hours a day. He loves to learn but still misbehaves at times and gets sent back to nursery class like it's punishment. He's suffering from not learning what prek class is learning and I'm not sure how to approach topic with very stubborn daycare owner Who acts more like my mother..any advice is appreciated!

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