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Early communication with baby.

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I have a 4-month-old baby girl. Since she was born I have talked to her and read to her. She really likes it when I sit her on my lap facing me and let her watch me talk. I think she likes to see the expressions on my face. Sometimes she puts her hands on the side of my face when I talk to her. I also show her everyday things everytime we use them and say what they are. I hold up her bottle before a feeding and say, "Bottle. Baby's milk is in this bottle. It's going to taste so good for baby!" She likes to "talk". She makes bah, gah, grr, ma, da etc sounds. She gets so excited when she makes these noises. I think she knows she is on to something. My fiance plays guitar for her and sings her songs and she really likes that too. She "sings" along by squealing. My question is, I just want to know some other techniques you guys might use to engage your baby in communication at this young age.

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you are doing everything you can for her at this age. continue to read. it's the easiest way to increase her vocabulary. i started flash cards with my daughter at 6 months, and 3 days after she watched me write mama on a dry erase board, and sound out every letter, she said it. by 13 months, she was speaking in sentences. i'll never forget that day- she came running out of her room, and screamed, "mama! mama! dada go poo poo!" daddy wasn't even home at the time, but i thought it was the funniest thing she could say at that point.

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