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early preg symptoms???? help

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Hi all, my period is 3 weeks late, my breasts are huge and very tender and I have been feeling that my body odour (armpits) is stronger. Could this be a early preg symptom? I did a home test and a qualitative HCG blood test a week and a half ago, and both negative... Could the tests be wrong, or too early to detect? Cheers Kats

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well, tender breast are definitely a sign..but your body could be going through changes too. Sometimes pregnancy test don't pick it up..make sure you take the test when you wake up early in the morning, cuz your HCG will be the most accurate then. If anything, go get a blood test from your doctor and she/he will be able to give you a definite yes or no.
With my first pregnancy I had no idea. I would have sworn I had the flu, no throwing up or nausea, but I could not eat without having to go to the bathroom. I could not even get enough energy to walk down the stairs. My neighbor who was an army medic told me to go to the doctors and get tested for pregnancy because if not he was concerned it could be something to do with my stomach. I went and just bought a few home pregnancy test, one came back extremely faint, I mean you really could not tell. My husband and I went to the doctors and the blood test had come back negative. A couple of weeks later I took another test and it was positive, went to the doctor and the blood test was finally positive. I found out at 7 weeks pregnant. Blood and home tests can be negative depending on your hormone levels. They may just not be high enough. We are now expecting our second child and this time I had early symptoms. I got sick on the way home from visiting family over the holidays, and my breasts felt like they did when I was full of milk after giving birth to our first child. Any mom will tell you when they are full it almost feels like a really really bad sunburn on them that keeps getting scratched. My breasts felt like that and I was concerned more so because breast cancer has been on both sides of my family. I literally just had a period so thinking I was pregnant was not in my mind. My husband had to actually convince me to get a test. I bought one and again it was so faint I could not see anything, but my husband did. Sure enough a few weeks later it was confirmed. Pregnancy symptoms can range from anything to nothing. Some go with no symptoms for the longest time while others feel it almost immediately. Your best bet is give it a couple of weeks for hormone levels to rise if indeed you are pregnant. In the mean time be as healthy as possible because it is better to think you are pregnant and take care of yourself as if you are than deny it and not care of yourself. Best wishes for you.

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