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EARLY pregnancy and weight gain?!

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Hi, My boyfriend and I weren't careful once and in April I found out I was pregnant. We had both just decided that we would keep the baby and that we were ready when I miscarried (violently, I might add). We've been trying to conceive since then, and two days ago I got three positive tests. Through all six of my mom's pregnancies she lost weight in the beginning, but I've put on a bunch, and I did with the first one, too, at five weeks! I'm not sure how far along I am yet, but my breasts are sore, my menses are two weeks late, I have the near constant desire to throw up at the thought of certain foods, I'm cramping very mildly in my lower abdomen, and I'm pretty sure that the (now) hubby is at the end of his rope with my random angry spurts. I've gained about twelve pounds, and I haven't been eating any more (less if anything), plus I'm still exercising regularly. I know there is no such thing as a normal pregnancy, and all pregnancies are different, but could someone maybe tell me if I'm worrying too much or if I'm alone in this. Thanks!

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