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Is this an early symptom?

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Ive noticed lately that im not having any morning sickness at all but i have a very sensitive stomach! anything i eat makes my stomach hurt but im not throwing anything up. im also eating less, not by choice but because i feel so full or my stomach starts to hurt too much to finish, i can only get through half a meal now. also, im going to the washroom more often. not just to urinate but i've been having alot more loose bowel movements. please tell me this is normal..... obviously this is my first pregnancy and it was a very very big shock and surprise.

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Those are pretty normal symptoms. My second pregnancy I had a sensitive stomach too, I really couldn't eat much, and when I did I had stomach pains. I also went through a phase of constantly being on the toilet, for about 8 weeks.
With my girls, I had horrendous morning sickness. I never really threw up because of food, only from brushing my teeth. But the nausea was intense and lasted 3-6 months. During that time the thought of any food made me feel sick and there were long stretches of time where I could only eat specific foods. With my son the only thing that made me feel sick was garlic. Other than that, I had no morning sickness. I also wasn't very hungry and lost weight for the first half of each of my first two pregnancies. With my third, I just didn't gain for the first half.Stomach issues are completely normal during pregnancy. The pregnancy hormone hcg and the varying levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone all cause stomach issues.For now, eat what you can, and make sure to eat more small meals or snacks throughout the day if you can't eat much at one time.

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