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Easy Ways to Disolve Melatonin Tablets

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My 4 year old daughter is severely Autistic, and has horrendous sleep problems. After receiving the ok from her therapist and pedi, I began to give her melatonin at night. I bought a bottle of tablets from Rite Aid, and have had a lot of trouble getting it t dissolve in liquid. She won't swallow a pill, even though this one is micro-sized. I have tried to mix it with water, milk, and juice in her cup, but she won't drink it, and complains of the nasty taste. Not to mention, it just doesn't mix well. There are still clumps of it at the bottom of her cup, so I'm unsure of how much she's really getting. The liquid formula tastes awful and she spits it right back out. Any suggestions for getting the full dose in her without a battle? I know they make flavored tablets, but I spent $14 on this bottle, and I would like to find a way to use what we have, since it is helping tremendously.

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Have you tried mixing it in some food, like pudding or applesauce? You can also look into some homeopathic sleep remedies instead. They come in tablets that crush and dissolve easily, and do not have any taste to them. I've tried them and they worked for me. They have no drug interactions and are completely safe, even for is Annabelle doing? Is she still throwing tantrums, or did she eventually calm down?
Anabelle is still throwing tantrums, and they are getting a lot worse. I'm actually waiting for her checkup next week to see if we can get a diagnosis for her. Paisley is waiting to see the psychiatrist for her violent meltdowns, and hallucinations. Paisley is too young for medication, but I don't know what else to do with her. She is completely uncontrolable the majority of the time. I will try hiding it in food, though. Hopefully that works.
Yikes. That all sounds incredibly difficult.Vivienne still throws tantrums too. It seems like she just has very intense emotions in general. She's the funniest, sweetest girl and then a little while later she's completely flipping out because she can't have the food she wants or because I helped her put on her shoes. She's having a great time being a big sister to little Miranda, who was born about two weeks ago.
And yet, 4 children under 5 sounds incredibly difficult to me, haha. Yes, it is. Anabelle is lively, and hilarious, but with a nasty mean streak. Congrats on little Miranda! I bet Audrey and Harrison are thrilled with the newest family member.
It's not exactly easy, but if it were hard we wouldn't be having this many. We've been very lucky to have such great, generally well behaved kids. Audrey just started pre-k, which gives us a bit of a break during the day. And I'm starting to get into a good routine during the day. I am glad that we're not having any more babies though. 

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