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eating after giving birth

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I am curious about how long the average mom waited until she could eat an actual meal after having her baby. with my first I couldn't eat until well over 24 hours later because of a blood transfusion. what is the average?

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I waited about 5 hours when somoeone brought me a sub from my favorite sandwhich shop and I couldn't resist.
i had my daughter at 321 pm and ate wendys around 7pm..if u have a c-section i think u have to wait like 12 hrs btu vaginal u can eat whenever u want
Omigosh I was starving!!! I waited like an hour! I had the nurse bring me a meal because I hadn't eaten all day. So just ask as soon as you are hungry. You will probably be with everything you just went through.
A nurse brought me a boxed lunch (at 4 a.m.!) and I ate before I even left the delivery room. I hadn't eaten in well over 24 hours, so I was starving!
I had a c-section and I didn't respond well to all the pain meds. They made me sick to my stomach. I had my daughter at 10:30 pm and ate some scrambled eggs and yogurt the next morning at around 8am. I hadn't eaten since 6am the previous day, but I was not that hungry. The pain meds messed my stomach up though and I wasn't eating very well until about two weeks after I had my baby. I don't think this is normal, but that was my experience.
when i had my daughter the doctor came in to check on me and gave me something to eat like an haour or to after having my daugter
I think I had to wait until the cafeteria opened up at seven. Which would have made my wait over 3 hours and 16 minutes.
i was starving, and demanded that someone bring me food after waiting for 4 hours. i ended up getting my meal around 6 hours after  giving birth, vaginally. no complications. she was out in 20 minutes. i kept telling my husband to go get me something, but he just told me to wait until the doc said it was okay. i was fuming.
paisley, I can only imagine!!!!!!! is it bad that i have a list of 'after i deliver food' all ready for him? since he ate a hot dog in my face a few weeks ago and won't give me frozen he has a serious honey-do list for delivery day :) thanks everyone

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