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embarrasing, 8 yr old wont wipe...

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i dont know what to do. my 8 yr old girl has a fear of wiping after NUMBER 2. she either used a half a roll of toilet paper or doesnt wipe at all. i even bought the flushable wet wipes and she still wont stay consistent. i work all day and hubby is disabled so its not easy to hold her hand all the time. ive told her she can get sick from not wiping and have threatened with diapers. but alas skid marks r us. ive even explained to her (now that shes also in early prepubescent stages) that this causes bad odors and she may get picked on at school. it just seems she dont care. help!!!!!!!

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Rather than threatening or cajoling have you asked her why?  Most kids would be bothered by the smell I would think at this point so maybe she is experiencing some sort of pain??
shes had a fear of touching it or getting it on her hands since potty training. and i have tried both ends of the spectrum. she knows its not healthy and i need another route but i cant think of anymore. 
ok... heres a try bring her to the store and buy 2 things1st let her pick out a special set/pair of underwear and then go to the soaps aisle and let her find the liquid soap she think smells the best. (preferably even if it costs more the uber anti bacterial) Explain that the special underwear  she will be able to wear after you have had no streaks (she has been wiping) for a week and that the reason you bought the soap is it is just for her (make sure your husband is aware or even get a permanent marker and put her name on it) and is to be used after going to the bathroom and wiping explain about the anti bacterial and see if that helps?
ty i will try that 
ty i will try that 
Turcoise, I like your suggestion. I have a 12-week-old so I don't know anything about 8-year-olds, but this sounds like a nice idea.
I work with a lot of kids on the autism spectrum as well as other associated neurological disorders and this is very common with them. Even for kids without these disorder, such as yours, can have sensory issues and touch issues- as well as possibly germ issues. I have had several parents tell me that "The Potty Journey" by Judith CouCouvanis has helped them quite a bit. I know you can get it at this helps.Sarah

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