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ergonomically correct baby carriers?

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I'm needing to find a new, ergonomically correct baby carrier. I currently have a Baby Bjorn that didn't get much use with my first two kids. I just learned that the Baby Bjorn carriers can cause back problems for babies and I definitely do not want to use mine with my next baby. I'm looking for something that will keep my baby comfortable and positioned properly, that will allow me to breastfeed with the baby still in the carrier, and that is very comfortable, and that has great back support since my husband and i both have back problems. Anyone have any recommendations?

answers (6)

I dont know if this is what your looking for but they have baby slings they look plenty comfortable i see women with them all the time,but breastfeeding might be a problem i'm not sure.. I hope this helps some And thank you for the fore-warning on the baby bjorn carrier's.
is there any reason you need a baby carrier? you just stated you didnt get much use out of your last one. it's a exspense you may want to cut if you have experience with not needing it as much as you just wanting one. is it a want or need situation?
I got the baby k'tan for my son. I had a bjorn for my daughter and it just hurt my back. Pulled too much on my shoulders and back. The k'tan can be used as a wrap, slip, front pack with baby facing in or out. The help the babies legs wrap around you when they are facing you so that they are sitting more then hanging like in the bjorn. It was a lot nicer on my back. I used it 2 weeks ago with my son and he was a 21 lbs 6 month old and 29 inches long. It says it can go up to 35 lbs (I do not want to try) I was able to nurse in it when I wore shirts that allowed (hard to pull up your shirt when baby is right there nursing shirts worked best) If you are on the edge of a size I do recommend going down and that is what they said but I went up and mine is a little too big but it works because my son is and always has been big. Here is the website It is easy to use I did not need my husbands help and my son loved it.
I would like one so that I can wear my baby around the house. With my other two kids I have a lot going on during the day and I'd like to keep my baby close since my kids don't have a play room. I don't want to have to keep my baby in her room and I don't want her spending too much time sleeping in the swing or bouncy chair where her sbilings can bug her.I also want it so that I can go on walks with all three kids. My oldest isn't old enough to ride her tricycle or walk very far so both older kids have to be in the stroller and I'll need a carrier for the baby.The reason my Baby Bjorn didn't get much use was because we had the kids in their car seat snapped into the stroller because that was easier. Also, we have an older Baby Bjorn and it hurt our backs, so we never wanted to use it.
Have you thought about wraps? I looked on youtube because I have always wanted to know how people from other cultures carry their babies on their backs and they show ways to wrap your babies both on the back and on the chest. You can either buy the fabric or premade wraps like the maya wrap.
After doing plenty of research I've decided on the Baby K'tan wrap. I really want something that can allow for forward carrying and it seems the good carriers don't do that. The K'tan wrap seems very easy to use and looks really comfortable.

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