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Is this even possible???

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I am now 5 days overdue with my third child. While I went over with the other two, I went into natural labor with both. For some reason this child seems to be teasing us. I lost my plug over a course of 8 days, which I didn't even know was possible, and after finally getting some contractions that were irregular but lasted for several hours, it seems I am at a standstill. Can this baby be playing hard to get? How do you go into labor, and then stop? I progress slowly naturally, but this is enough to drive me insane. Everyone I know says "this baby will come when he's ready" which obviously I know, but what gives. I guess I'm venting more than asking a question but I just wish someone could tell me something besides what I've already heard?

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Both  losing your mucous plug and having irregular contractions don't really mean much. I lost my mucous plug about a week before I had to be induced with my daughter. I had regular, timeable contractions for two weeks before my son was born.Unfortunately, there's no way to tell when things will happen. Every pregnancy is different, every baby is different. No one can tell you anything you haven't already heard because while you may be frustrated, at this point there's nothing wrong and you just have to wait.
It is frustrating. I have never gone over but went 10 days early with my first and thought that would happen with my second. Nope I went 3 days early. I had so many contractions and I lost a couple pieces of my mucus plug here and there. It is frustrating I wanted to evict him. I was in a lot of pain most of my pregnancy because he was laying on my spine making my siatic nerve be pinched. Then a few days before I had him it stopped and I told everyone he is getting comfy because I feel the best I have in months. Then he came, boys are stubborn though
I had the exact opposite. My daughter was the stubborn one, 11 days late and I had to be induced. It was like she was never going to come out on her own! But my son came on his own 2 days early.I think it doesn't have as much to do with the gender of the baby but with their personality. My daughter is definitely stubborn and my son is the exact opposite. He's very helpful and follows rules and directions very well. He's relaxed and pretty mellow. My daughter is crazy. Extremely energetic and strong willed.I could tell what their personalities were going to be like even while I was pregnant. My daughter was very active, always kicking and punching hard. It was like she wanted out from the very beginning, but then when it was time she didn't want to. My son was very gentle, he rarely kicked or punched and when he did it never hurt like it did with my daughter. For the most part he just stretched his arms and legs gently and he rolled around a lot.Now that I'm pregnant with my third it's very interesting. I think she's going to be a naughty girl. When she's active, she's very active with her kicks and punches but she stops immediately when my husband tries to feel. She let her big sister feel her moving though, which I thought was interesting. When I lie down she'll kick or punch the side that I'm lying on, like she's telling me to get up because it isn't as comfortable for her. And she's very opinionated about food. When I eat something she likes she starts dancing around and sometimes she'll even demand foods. If my husband or I are talking about food and something sounds good she'll start kicking hard, like she's telling me to eat it right then. So I think I'm going to have my hands full with this one, and I wouldn't be surprised if she's either 1-2 weeks late or 1-2 weeks early.

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