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Ever been pregnant while breastfeeding?

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I think there is a great chance I'm pregnant and I'm still breastfeeding my 5 1/2 month old. I was told at my 8 week pp check my ovaries were working so we could potentially become pregnant. Although we were using protection I'm a week late after 3 normal periods. I was curious if anyone else has been pregnant and breastfeeding and if there were any differences from their first pregnancy and also if they were able to keep up the breastfeeding or not? Thanks moms for your input.

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I never have, but please please just call and ask your doctor on this one. I have heard that the body may choose to support only one child. Which means either your milk supply will dry up, or a miscarriage. Just call your doc and ask her what to do. I am not educated in this matter so what I say could be totally nonsense, but the hint of this problem is enough to call and ask your doctor, IMO.

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