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every thing you need to buy for a new baby

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i used this link off of this website,it helped me alot at knowing what i needed,
clothing in newborn and 0-3 month sizes, diapers in newborn and size 1, diaper genie, and extra bags to go with. diaper bag, washcloths, dreft laundry detergent, baby soap and lotion,or 2 sets of crib sheets, lots of socks (they gets lost easily because they are so tiny) as far as bottles and paci's go, i would buy 1 or 2 of a couple different brands. play around and see what he/she will like, and stick to it. you really don't need a baby tub. strollers come later, around month 5 or 6. cloth diapers make excellent burping cloths. tons of bibs. you can find them in large packs for super cheap at dollar general, and wal mart. you can not have enough receiving blankets. i made all of mine, and it was cheaper than buying them. hancock fabrics has a wonderful selection of inexpensive cotton fabrics that are great for this.  

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