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EVERYTHING I eat, I feel sick afterwards.. Is this normal?

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And everything I used to love to eat before doesn't sound good to me when I'm hungry.. I either have no appetite at all, or if I do, I can't find anything that sounds good.. I thought all pregnant women ate everything all the time?! haha

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I was like that with my second pregnancy... everything made me feel sick, even my favorite foods.  It only lasted for the 1st trimester, but I've heard some people have it their entire pregnancy (hopefully not for you).  I would eat plain chips, Mrs. Grass soup and drink gingerale when I was extremely hungry.  I also ate skittles and gummi bears - for some reason they were ok.  The thought of a cheeseburger made me gag and then I ended up craving them almost every day towards the end.  I would try bland or salty foods that are easy on your stomach.  They also make those preggy pops that are suppose to soothe "morning" sickness.  Good luck, hope you feel better soon! 
During both of my pregancies i had to force myself to eat to keep up my calories. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it came right back up. But i was never even hungry. I tried every trick in the book nothing helped. But try all those tricks you may find one for you!
i was ravenous during my first trimester, but unable to keep ANYTHING down. i had my head hanging over the toilet every ten minutes like clockwork. by around 4 months, i was ravenous. i actually went to a buffet and devoured 13 plates pilled mountain high, while my hubby stopped at 3 plates. lol. i was just barely showing, so i got some pretty strange looks from people wondering just where i was putting all this food. my appetite slowed down considerably around 8 months.

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