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Ex husband refuses parenting classes. Can that go aginst him in court?

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I tried giving a proposal to my ex husband about custody for my son. One of the conditions is we BOTH go to parenting classes. It's not that I'm a bad mother, I just look at it as an opportunity to learn more and be better for my son. He says "I don't need the classes because nothing has happened when Caleb is with me. Mind you in the past 6 &1/2 months of my son's life he has seen him maybe 28 days equaling up to 48 hours. During the trial can that look bad on his part if he's trying to het joint physical custody?

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It might, but if parenting classes aren't being required for some legal reason it probably won't have much of an effect on things. These days judges don't like to give sole custody if there isn't a real reason to. Even lazy and seemingly uninterested parents still get custody rights.
Honestly it may help a little but, the system is set up in a bad way now. These days cases are no longer truley spent looking at family to family, but how quickly they can move this case onto the next. It's nearly impossible for a judge to really understand each parents role, and responsibilites they take. In Florida they look at the law and even resort to sending a 6 month old (not mine) half way across the country every other week because it's "fair"My best advice is to try and settle everything you can in mediation. Even if you can settle the custody in mediation and take the child support to courts thats better. When you take custody to court you are asking a judge who knows nothing about your family, your child and the roles everyone has taken. I have had a terriable experience after winning sole custody. My daughters father was given 4 weeks a year with her, and he just doesn't take care of her. yet the judge will not temporarly remove his visitation until he gets his act together.So this may be my bitterness talking but do your best to sort things out and create your own legal document for the judge to sign. If the father can take good care of him, try explaining to him why the parenting class is so important to you, and if you can afford it offer to pay for it. Sometimes they respond better if you explain it in a few ways. Honestly the best thing for a child is to have both parents, who will love and care for them. But i totaly understand what is like to have someone who isn't capable of doing so in your childs life.

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