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expecting again...

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So I have a 6 month old baby boy and I just found out im pregnant again. It was not happy but im scared about what people are going to say? I know I shouldnt worry about what others say but I do. Any advise on how to get through telling everyone and dealing with those who have strong opinions? And also, I know it's going to be really hard taking care of a 13 month old and a baby... does anyone have any advise??

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There is no perfect spacing between children, you do what works for you.  My kids are just under 3 years apart and I thought it would be easier but it is still 2 little human beings that need you ALL the time.  It will be hard to cart a 13 month old and newborn around, but if you are happy and preparing for it, who cares what others think.  What you can say is we always wanted the baby to have a sibling, we are surprised by the timing but happy they will be close in age and we can get through nursing/formula, diapers and potty-training in a short period!  Congrats on the news and you will be glad when they are older and they are not only close in age but have each to hang out with and take care of each other!  My sister and I are exactly 13 months apart and very close!  =)
Thank you ambera17!! What you said helps a lot!!
No problem, you are welcome. If I was a stay-at-home mom or could financially afford it, I would have had my kids a little closer in age myself.  Good luck with everything!

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