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expecting a boy

3 answers
im expecting a new baby boy my 13th how am i suppose to deal with another child please leave some tips and suggestions thank you!

answers (3)

I would think you would deal with it the same way you have been since you had your second child...
I mean no offence to anyone, but you remind me of oceana. You have a problem and your asking people who don't know you to solve it. You have to solve you problems and deal with life your way, not the way we tell you to.
Lol, I was kind of thinking the same thing! Asking for "tips and suggestions" on how to deal with a 13th child seemed pretty silly. Once you get past 2 or 3 kids it's all pretty much the same, right? Also, if someone is so worried about how they'll add another baby to the family, maybe it's time to think about some birth control...

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