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EXTREME Diva Tantrums

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My 8 year old was the biggest sweetie for a long time. She used her manners, didn't complain often, followed the rules and never really fussed. But lately she has really been acting out. She loves kids,b but she doesn't like her little brothers and she has been acting totally out of character since they were born 2 months ago. Me and my husband thought, maybe she feels left out so we had become involved with the boys and have more alone time with her. It didn't work. She screams and whines about everything, she demands toys and if she doesn't get them (she never does when she acts like that) she carries on and on. One time during one of these tantrums she starting throwing things an pulled out some of her hair. It scared me really bad. Everyday these tantrums get more and more extreme. While i was writing this she throw a hard cover book a picture the was framed with glass and it broke. Is this just an extreme way to get attention? I'm making an appointment with her doctor in January. I have never seen her act out like this, I just don't get it. How does a child go from being a angel to a monster in 2 months? Any idea's or advice on handling this?

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try putting her in a time-out when she acts out. and if that doesn't work, take away one toy every time she misbehaves and it should help to get the message across that the way she's been acting lately isn't ok.
Hmm... i have never really heard of something like that. I would suggest on talking to her doctor. She sounds like she might be a bit Bi-Polar or something like that. Good luck! Mental health is not something that should be taken lightly. And what forms of discipline have you tried with her?
I think it is her lashing out. 8 years as an only child is a long time to have your world just thrown out of wack with 2 new brothers. Maybe talk to her and see what she might say is bugging her. It might have to do with stress from school and friends along with her new brothers. Maybe make a date to go to the movies, park, or zoo with her some day but tell her she has the be good. Make a chart and say one Saturday we will go do something special. Then chart out each day and if she is good give her a sticker. Maybe say if you get 5 stickers this week we will go.When she does act out maybe have her have down time on the couch and let her get up when she is ready to listen and not have melt downs. Make sure it is a safe place that if she is on the floor screaming she is not going to get hurt.  Maybe also restrict TV or computer time if she has had a really rough day.Also try to spend time with her when the babies are sleeping. Make her bed time really special, read and spend some quality time just with you guys. I am sure it is tough with 2 little boys. Try talking to her also. At dinner ask her about her day and all the things she did. Talk to the doctor and see if they think it is anything else other then rebellion.
I agree with sjvanderwey.
Almost all kids at one point rebel. It's nothing for concern, Jealousy is an awful thing though! I do like how you tried to keep her involved withthe boys, and you should probably continue to have special alone time with her. Maybe there is something at school that is bugging her and making her act out? Try in communicate with her. Good luck!

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