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Extreme Hives and Breastfeeding. Something has to give. Please Help!

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I am in serious need of some helpful advice. Our whole family became very sick a little over a week ago, including our 6 month old. As a result, we all were forced to take antibiotics. On the last day of my wife’s round of antibiotics, she started to show signs of an allergic reaction (hives). She went to the doctor and of course they recommended Steroids or Benadryl; therefore, my wife declined treatment because she is breastfeeding and did not want our son absorbing any of the medications. A day later, my wives hives began to spread rapidly so we did some research and found that a mild antihistamine (Claritin) would be safe to take, but it did nothing. Yesterday, the hives were continuing to multiply, so much so that 90% of her body was covered, meaning there were no more red dots, the red dots had multiplied so that her body was literally a hive. For that reason, we had no choice but to choose the lesser of two evils so we chose to try 1 Benadryl and see if it helped any. If it did we were planning to only have her take it at night in order to try to avoid our baby absorbing much. This morning, I can see a very slight improvement, but my wife is completely miserable and has been balled up in a fetal all day. I cannot let her go on like this so as of right now I am trying to figure out our best options. She has to take something, whether it’s Benadryl or Steroids (preferably Benadryl), but she’s going to have to keep it in her system. Meaning she needs to take it more than just at night. That being said, as far as our 6 month old goes, I only see us having to choose from 2 options (with each option my son will be eating around 2 ounces a day of sweet potatoes, bananas or avocados). 1) Continue to breastfeed and hope that our son does not have any side effects. Though the Benadryl could dry my wives milk supply up and in that case we would have to result to option 2. 2) While my wife is taking Benadryl, we could temporarily switch our 6 month old to formula. Then once the allergic reaction is gone, switch back to breastfeeding (my wife would continue to pump to ensure her milk production continued). Which option should we chose? Oh, and we have also tried around 20 home remedies from baking soda/oatmeal baths, to eating foods high in Quercetin, to applying cold compresses with Pepto-Bismol, but nothing even remotely helped. I thank you in advice for any advice you may have.

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