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Faint Pregnancy Test

5 answers
I Have all the sighns of pregnancy. I believe I'm 8 weeks. I tried to take an at home pregnancy test first thing in the morning but, i got nervous and couldnt collect enough urine on the test for anything to show up on the result window. I tried taking it again and one line is really vivid and the other is very faint. I can barely see it. is this still a positive test? I dont have another test to take and no way to the doctor. If anyone can help answer my question please contact me or write me on yahoo messanger (izzysmilelee) i would greatly appreticate it!! Thank you :)

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you may be prego..go by a at home test at cvs or something that come with 2 in it..there only like 13$ take one in the am and one later in the day..if u r 8 weeks then it should be a very visable line..good luck! but dont wait because if u r u should start prenatal vitamins right away
i think you are pregnant - with both of my pregnancies the second line barely showed up... if it shows up AT ALL, even faint, chances are it is positive. if it is negative the line shouldn't show up the least bit. if it was me, based on my experience, i would think i was definitely pregnant. Congrats! :)
Mine showed up very faint and that was because I had a miscarriage.  However, with my second child, I took a home pregnancy test and it came up negative when I would have been six weeks pregnant.  Good luck!
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The only way to know for sure is to take another test or to see your doctor.

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