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family issues

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my sister is trying to get pregnant and when i found out i was pregnant shes been trying to act like shes my daughter caitlyns mom she acts like now that im pregnant with another baby that caitlyn is her baby she trys to feed her evertime i take her over there and i know she really wants a baby but she should try to take my baby and ive tryed to talk to her but she just gets mad at me but its really upsetting me for example i took caitlyn over to visit her grandma and my sister was there and as soon as i come in and put her carseat down she runs over and picks her up and walks away with her and then everytime caitlyn need her diper changed she gets a diper and changes it and then when shes hungry i was getting ready to breastfeed her and she made a bottle of formula and took her from me and started feeding her and then when she was crying she picked her up and started playing with her and then she was tired and wanted me to hold her and when i picked her up and my sister tryed to snach her from me and its getting out of hand i am her mom and i dont want my sister to completely take care of my baby everytime she sees her

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I'm sure your sister doesn't mean anything, and is trying to be helpful. I would definitely say something to her, but say it gently and respectfully. You are her mother and know whats best. Being honest with your sister is the best answer. Try to see the good in it, especially bc you are pregnant. Soon you won't have ANY time to yourself :) I think you should tell her the truth, but appreciatively. Good luck!
After this baby, or babies, are here you will welcome your sisters help. It doesn't matter how many diapers she changes, you are still the mom. Your daughter isn't going to start thinking that your sister is her mom, shes just going to have a very good relationship with her aunt. You should try to remember that your daughter is also your sisters niece. Let her play with the baby. Soon you will welcome this help.
personally, i'd let her for as long asshe would do the job. i'd take my child over daily and stay long hours, TRUST ME she'll get tired of it (laughs)

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