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Family Problem

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I'm 25. I've been engaged for a few months now, back in November I found out I was expecting my second child. Honestly, it isn't the best time because I was meant to begin school this month and I finally had my life on track and now I am hurrying trying to find a good job to save money and a new career choice. Not only that, but my family (parents, siblings, aunt and uncle) are not speaking to me. They are all high strung when it comes to religion. And even though I am a Christian I do not think the way they do. They are completely against my situation because I am pregnant out of wedlock. So much so that the night after I told my mother (who I was living with) she told me to leave so I packed my things and moved in with my fiance. My mother changed the locks on her home so I can't get the rest of my things, my brother who I was very close with no longer speaks to me and my mother flat out told me. "I don't care that you ruined your life, as long as your son is taken care of" (talking about my five year old) I feel completely lost. Moving to a new city where I know no one and my family hasn't spoken to me much since Thanksgiving. They are so thrilled my sister is almost due with her child but as far as my pregnancy goes, they never ask how it's going, how I am or even bother to contact me. It's been stressful and very hard to get through. Any advice?

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its probably alot for them to take in..even though its wrong to exclude you.. i hope they come around soon!! if not then just worry about making ursef happy, enjoy ur son, fiance and pregnancy!
Not all parents are the same, but in my situiation(and I have a 3 week old baby) when my parents found out I was expecting they didnt talk to me for almost a month. although they started talkin to me after a month, they could not get over the fact that I was pregnant before marriage, and they were upset, but hurt. I really hope they are understanding and come around atleast after ur baby is born, but if not, don't stress it girly you have more important things to worry about. FIrst in ur life now is God, and the family ou are starting with your fiancee. Just keep praying and try to have a good relationship with God, as he is the only one who should be judging you.
My heart aches for you! My family is clear across the country so not having anyone of my "own" around is very tough to deal with while I'm in the final stages of my first pregnancy (also out of wedlock). To be honest, all I can say is keep your chin up and do what you can for you and your family. I think your family should be happy that the father is around and you didn't just get "knocked up." Things don't go as we plan or as our parents plan for that matter. I do hope they soften up and are there for you soon. If not its going to be their loss for not getting to know their grandchildren over a relationship.

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