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Father duties

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My husband stays home with our kids right now beacuse he can work from home. He spends a lot more time with our kids then I get to and they seem to both becoming daddys little girl and a daddy's boy. I feel like my kids don't know me and sometimes it really upsets me when My daughter Shaylyn 2yrs will act better with my husband than she does with me. What can I do so that she listens to me the same as her dad?

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When you have days off, it pays to hang out more with your kids than anything else. The little things matter the most and letting your kids know your there through thick and thin will make them love, trust, and respect you better. Here's a way to spend a little time with you Shaylyn: On a weekend or whenever you're off next, take your baby girl out on a Girl's night out and have a little fun. That's a perfect bonding experience that you both will love.

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